The Evolution of Classroom Desks

July 21st, 2017
classroom desk

Classroom desks have come a long way!

Classroom desks have come a long way since one-room school houses.  They now have impressive designs to integrate technology, adapt to the learning needs of every student, and help students learn in new ways. Classroom desks have progressively evolved to meet the needs of students and teachers. Read the rest of this entry »

Hotel Design Trends

July 14th, 2017
hotel design trends

Which trends are popular today in hotel design

In the hotel industry where first impressions are everything, looks count. Especially in the age of social media, where these impressions can be broadcast all over the world at the upload of an image in a matter of seconds. A hotel social media presence in today’s society can be vital to their success. As a result, customers are much more clued up on design.  The design of the hotel becomes very much part of the guest experience, making it even more vital to keep up with the latest design trends. So, just like technology, hotels are advancing as well, constantly looking for new designs and trends that can separate them from the competition. Read the rest of this entry »

Things to Consider When Buying a Hutch for Your Desk

July 7th, 2017

A hutch is a perfect way to add additional storage and offer employees more space with a limited budget.

Are you shopping for a new desk or hutch for your office? A hutch is a perfect way to add additional storage and offer employees more space with a limited budget. What are the main things that you need to consider when purchasing a new hutch for your office desk?
Read the rest of this entry »

Bariatric Furniture Myths, Busted!

June 30th, 2017

Finding the best bariatric furniture is easier than you think!

Shopping for healthcare furniture can be an intimidating task, especially when you look at all of the different types available. One of the most needed types of healthcare furniture currently is bariatric furniture. Bariatric furniture is designed to accommodate people at a higher body weight and larger size. While bariatric furniture is necessary for every healthcare facility, there are many lingering myths about it that prevent healthcare practitioners from purchasing it. Today we will be busting some of the most common myths about this type of healthcare furniture. Read the rest of this entry »

How School Libraries Have Evolved

June 23rd, 2017

With the digital age, libraries have changed throughout time!

Libraries have existed for hundreds of years, but in today’s digital world, where we have at our fingertips access to an endless collection of information, a new standard of information literacy has emerged. And with this, we face a new digital divide, based on who has the skills to find and curate information and who does not. Nowadays, the wealth of information available to students is beyond vast. Access is global, but legitimate sources do vary. Rising to the challenge, libraries provide specialized and comprehensive programs to teach users how to identify and collect relevant information. This is especially true of school libraries, which are responsible for imparting skills that students will retain and use for the rest of their lives. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 4 Office Design Trends

June 16th, 2017
office design trends

Creating a functional office space is essential for productivity.

The study of ergonomics has existed for centuries and is the study of efficiency. The word ergonomic is something you have likely heard in relation to the office or study. Believe it or not, there are people who work tirelessly to analyze trends of millennials and seasoned workers alike for the best in office trends yearly. Here are some of the top trends for your office this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Ergonomics in Lab Design

June 9th, 2017
lab design

Creating the perfect lab design requires ergonomics.

Building a lab can be a difficult task, getting all the equipment to fit and make sense aesthetically can be a challenge so considering ergonomics can seem like an excessive unnecessary step. Ergonomics is simply the study of what increases productivity and efficiency; considering ergonomics in the design of your lab can save you time and stress in the future.Today we will explore why ergonomic design is important to consider when designing your lab. Read the rest of this entry »

Perks Of Updating Classroom Furniture

June 2nd, 2017
classroom furniture

Creating a comfortable environment in the classroom begins with the furniture.

The key to maximizing student engagement and boosting attention span can be directly connected to updating classroom furniture. Education focus groups, with new research, have shown that classrooms that are more deliberately designed show a direct correlation to student’s interaction lead to more academic success. The focus leans toward a student’s perspective where their environment can impact their behavior; translated, this means classrooms should strive to have open spaces with ample room to adapt and rearrange, allowing the form to mirror the content of their curriculum. Read the rest of this entry »

Some Signs It Is Time To Move Into A Commercial Office Space

May 26th, 2017
office space

Finding the perfect office space for your team is easier than you think!

When you first start your business, especially if it’s a solo or small group venture, it’s common to work from home or from communal working spaces, like coffee shops and libraries. The end goal of any successful business, however, is to eventually claim a space dedicated to your company’s needs and your personal ambition. It can be hard to decide when you’ve reached that point since you’re so close to your business that being able to determine its growth isn’t always simple. It can be narrowed down to two major factors: how you’re feeling, and how many people you’re relying on. Read the rest of this entry »

Incorporate Some Feng Shui into Your Office Space

May 19th, 2017

Creating a calm office is easier than you think.

Does your office lack a sense of calm productivity? Are you struggling to come up with the right way to place furniture and objects in your office space? The answer might lie in the ancient traditional art of Feng Shui. What is Feng Shui and how can it transform your office space? Read the rest of this entry »