3 Ways To Design Your Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby

Use these tips to design your hotel lobby.

The hospitality industry is all about making guests feel like they feel at home even if they are miles away. When staying in a hotel, the first thing your guest sees is your lobby. This means that it’s vital to make sure your lobby is well designed enough to make a great first impression. Here are three tips you can use to design an effective hotel lobby for your guests.

Make The Lobby Welcoming

Because your lobby is literally the first thing your guests will see, it’s important that from the moment they enter that they feel that the space is an inviting one. You can do this by providing ample, comfortable seating for your guests. Think of the guests who have traveled a long way to get to your hotel. You’ll want to make sure they have a place to sit for a bit before checking in. Also, you should make sure your layout isn’t cluttered. After a long day of traveling, your guests won’t want to navigate around your furniture to reach the front desk.

Cater To Your Demographics

It’s important to know your audience when you’re designing a hotel lobby. You can’t design the right hotel lobby for your guests without first considering what they like. Think about the ages of your usual guests. Are you visited by families or single guests more? Do your guests like modern technological conveniences or do they prefer the human touch? These demographic factors and more are important to consider when you’re designing your hotel lobby.

Try Something Unconventional

Hotel design is always evolving, as evidenced by the new trends that pop up year after year. While you don’t need to follow every single trend that becomes popular, you can take some chances to ensure your hotel stands out from the others. Try having an unconventional centerpiece or unique furniture to create an interesting hotel lobby. There are elements that you’ll likely need, like elevators and a front desk, but you have a lot of room to be creative with the other parts.

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