Decorate Your Office Cubicle for Halloween

halloween office cubicle

Is your office cubicle scream-worthy this Halloween?

Nothing gets the office in the spirit to celebrate than some spooky Halloween decor. While not every office is okay with employees sporting elaborate costumes to work, dressing up your workspace is still fun for those of us who spend most of our day at the office. With the amount of time we spend behind our desks, we could all benefit from a little bit of holiday cheer here and there. Here are a few tips to spookify your office cubicle this Halloween.

Distractless Decorations

Most home stores feature a wide variety of seasonal decorations, and it’s just a matter of choosing which ones are appropriate for the office. Themed cardboard cut-outs, tinsel garlands, table toppers, figurines, and other non intrusive decorations make for great office additions. Try to avoid props that make noise or create bright, flashing lights–as they could end up distracting you or your coworkers. Fake gravestones, hanging bats, ghosts and cobwebs are always an easy, fun way to add some Halloween scare to your office atmosphere.

Spooky Lighting

You don’t have to use a strobe light to create a creepy vibe with your office lighting. Something as simple as dimming the lights or covering them in purple and orange tissue paper can go a long way toward setting the mood. If you’ve got a dark office, consider adding a backlight or other spooky halloween themed fixtures. Just make sure it isn’t interfering with your work!

Halloween Treats

Halloween is never quite complete without a way to binge on sweet treats. Fill a ceramic jack o’ lantern or pumpkin bowl with your favorite miniature candy bars. They’ll make for a welcome surprise for anyone who stops by your cubicle. Another fun idea is to coordinate a Halloween luncheon with your team. Create a theme and assign a dish to everyone in the office.

Halloween Safety

Avoid hanging decorations from light fixtures or sprinkler system heads, as you may end up damaging them. Also do not put up decorations that may limit the height or width of aisles and entryways. Always check with your supervisor about rules for office decorating. And have a spooky fun-filled Halloween!

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