Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day with an Ergonomic Chair

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An ergonomic chair makes a great Valentine's Day gift for the most important person in your life -- you!

Well, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner — only five more days as this is being written — and it’s time for that last minute gift search. When you’re looking for cute gifts for your significant other, don’t forget that it’s also okay to treat your significant self! With love and affection swirling in the air, now is as good a time as ever to do yourself and your body some favors by upgrading to an ergonomic chair in your office.

What Makes a Chair Ergonomic?

Ergonomics is simply defined as the study of the efficiency of a person in his or her working environment. As such, an ergonomic chair is one that promotes efficiency, and by extension, health and comfort. Ergonomists have identified features such as height adjustment, solid back/lumbar support, and proper posturing as important characteristics of a truly ergonomic chair.

Proven Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

We’ve written about this recently, but it’s worth reiterating in the context of treating yourself to a Valentine’s Day chair. Ergonomic experts have proven that a well-designed ergonomic chair can reduce company costs by improving efficiency and productivity, improve the quality of a person’s work, and generally create a happier and overall better working environment. In addition to the more formal benefits, who wouldn’t want to be more comfortable when stuck sitting at the same desk for eight hours a day? When customers ask us if ergonomic chairs and other office furniture is a good idea, we never hesitate to say yes. Boosting your productivity with a new office chair sounds like a whole bunch of benefits wrapped into one.

Other Valentine’s Day Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics in the office extend beyond just choosing a good chair. Office ergonomics also include arranging your desk in ways that reduce reaching and improve productivity, selecting lighting that doesn’t strain the eyes, and finding other equipment like ergonomic keyboards, mouses, and mousepads that can help you stay comfortable while sitting at your desk all day.

Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day at Edwards & Hill

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