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4 Classroom Design Strategies to Boost Student Engagement

Friday, May 31st, 2019
classroom design

Here are 4 classroom design strategies to boost student engagement and help your students make the most of the next school year.

With the school year coming to a close, it is time for educators and administrators to reflect on their strengths and areas of improvement from the last year. While educators must consult pedagogy and psychology for their analyses, an area that deserves more attention during this period of reflection is classroom design and its impact on student performance. Here are 4 classroom design strategies to boost student engagement.


Classroom Design Tips

Thursday, December 13th, 2018
Classroom Design

Create an environment your students will love with these classroom design tips.

Classroom design is important because it can change the way students learn. School days are long and they can feel even longer for students when their learning environment isn’t comfortable. Because your students spend so much time at school, you should make sure it’s a suitable place. Classrooms have evolved over the years so they don’t have to be the uncomfortable places of the past. Innovations in classroom design have made it so that there are many ideas you can use in your classroom. A well-designed classroom can make a huge difference in the way students approach learning. Here are some strategies you can use to design your classroom.


The Best Innovative Classroom Furniture And Design Ideas

Friday, August 10th, 2018
classroom furniture

With these innovative classroom furniture and design ideas, you can easily take your classroom into the 21st century.

Now that we are fully immersed in the Digital Age, it’s important that we also reconsider the ways we teach our students. When the subjects that we teach and the materials that we use to teach those subjects change, so must the classroom environment and design. Classroom design is much more important to the learning and teaching experience than you might assume. With these innovative classroom furniture and design ideas, you can easily take your classroom into the 21st century. (more…)

Elementary Classroom Design Tips for the New Age

Friday, March 23rd, 2018
classroom design

Keep these classroom design tips in mind so that your students can reach their maximum potential both in and out of the classroom.

Teachers in the 21st century want to make sure that their students are getting the most out of their classroom experience. The way a classroom is designed is much more important to the ways in which students learn than you might realize. Obviously, schools are much different than they were 30 years ago, so why should the classroom design stay the same as when you were an elementary school student? Classrooms should be ready to accommodate the advancements in technology that will put students ahead of the academic game and be prepared for the next step in their scholastic futures. When designing an elementary or lower school classroom, keep these few things in mind so that your students can reach their maximum potential both in and out of your classroom.


How to Make Your Classroom a Collaborative Space

Friday, February 9th, 2018
Classroom Furniture Mistakes

Learn how to make your classroom a collaborative space.

The field of education is changing rapidly. The traditional static lecture is no longer the preferred method to impart information. Instead, instructors are moving toward a teaching style that encourages students to collaborate and work in teams because that is how many employers expect their employees to accomplish tasks.  A classroom needs to be set up in a way to accommodate this new type of teaching and learning . Whether you are building a new school or renovating some rooms, classroom design matters.  Here are some design tips to help you facilitate collaborative experiences for students. (more…)

3 Classroom Room Design Tips

Friday, August 25th, 2017
classroom design tips

There several things you need to consider when designing your classroom.

It is the end of the August, so that means most schools are about to open their doors for students to begin the new academic year.  One of the most important aspects of having a successful school year is having a well-designed classroom.  Whether you are teaching a class of kindergarteners or a 11th-grade advanced English class, your classroom needs to be designed to be an effective learning environment.  There are several design tips you can follow to have a well-designed classroom, so your students are comfortable and productive throughout the whole year.   (more…)

Colors in the Classroom: Beneficial or Distracting?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Colors help in the Classroom

With the school year beginning across the state of Maryland, many teachers are taking the time to step back and observe their students within their new classroom. While some teachers enjoy decorating every area of their classroom, some teachers prefer a plain white classroom. Although too many decorations can become distracting for students within a classroom, studies have shown that different colors within the classroom and other areas of a school can benefit students in different ways. In an article written by Perkins and Will Associate Kathie Engelbrecht, colors can help improve overall productivity within a classroom while also helping the different systems within the human body.

After reviewing a study performed by Antonio F. Torrice, certain colors have been proven to help with the different systems of a student. The study results are as follows:

  1. Violet- Nonverbal skills
  2. Yellow- Cardiopulmonary system
  3. Red- Motor skills
  4. Blue- Eyes, nose, ear functions
  5. Orange- Circulatory system
  6. Green- Speech


While the effects of colors on each student may vary, it could be helpful for teachers to consider the results of the study as they decorate and arrange their classroom. As teachers begin to learn about their new students, they can adjust their classroom interior to meet the needs of each student. Studies have also shown that generally, having colors in the classroom can have several benefits for students. These benefits include:

  1. Place Identity- Developing a color plan within a primary school setting can aide in “wayfinding” for younger students.
  2. Easy on the Eyes- Providing a colorful area for students to look at in contrast to the black and white lines of text can help relieve some eye strain they might experience during the day.
  3. Development Support- Each student is different, but most students will respond to colors in a certain way. By changing the colors that surround students as they grow older can assist in their overall development during their school years.
  4. Accuracy- In a study performed by the United States Navy, certain colors within a classroom can help to improve the accuracy of students along with their overall productivity.


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