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3 Library Design Tips

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017
library design

Learn how to design your library.

When it comes to interior library design, it is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a variety of customers.  There is a wide range of individuals who visit libraries, ranging from children to seniors, so libraries need to take them into account.  Since library design is constantly changing, every element\ needs to be easy to manipulate and shift around.  If you are planning to design or renovate your library, follow these three simple tips. (more…)

Current Library Design Trends

Friday, August 4th, 2017
library design

Keep up to date with the current trends in library design.

The library is an old institution that’s constantly evolving, as technology, tastes, and trends change. They are constantly changing as useful spaces for staff, patrons, and entire communities. Changes in technology and architecture often influence library design trends. Read on to learn about some of the exciting innovations in design trends sweeping libraries around the world.   (more…)

What Do Students Want From Their Library Design In The Digital Age?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017
library design

Create a library that will work in this new digital age.

A foolproof way to make students fall into a slumber? Make read the definition of “library”. A place that was once used to house books, magazines, articles and video recordings that people could use and borrow does not interest the tech savvy and socially minded students of today. How can libraries improve their designs to attract students into making them a useful spot for all the resources they could need. (more…)