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Office Layouts: How To Furnish And Equip Your Startup Business

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you need to purchase office furniture and equipment?

If yes, it’s time to layout an office space plan that details the office furniture and equipment you will need for your startup business.


How you present your business could make or break your business success because furniture is not solely for office decoration.

Yes, you want to stay in budget and have a stylish office but you also want to have furniture you can envision utilizing for the long-term. Will your business eventually need more collaborative furniture in the future or will your employees need private offices to boost work productivity?

These are crucial questions you need to answer.

Next, you need to create a list of potential furniture you can use for multiple office areas – the reception area, conference room, break room, private offices and cubicles all need to be appropriately furnished.

To stay in budget and make sure you get all the furniture you need, it’s highly recommended you make an inventory of what you need for each specific space. Some common office furniture and equipment necessities are file storage cabinets, display cases, computers, telephones and couches.

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture can provide you professional design planning services to help you make the most of your space plan without sacrificing aesthetic appeal and consistent style throughout your office.

To really get a feel of what you will need to create a productive and comfortable work environment, request feedback from your employees. This will make you more aware about special needs and overall wants from your staff.

Read our article How To Layout Effective and Productive Workplace and Workspace Environments for more details.

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