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Does Your Office Space Need an Update?

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Office Space UpdateIn today’s society, most industries are constantly changing. When it comes to working within or running an office space, layout designs and furniture ideas are always changing. Companies are constantly creating new ways for their office spaces to become more welcoming for clients while promoting productivity within their staff. If you believe your office space has become outdated, there is no need to panic. There are several easy ways to update your office space to create your desired outcome.

Updates to your Office Space

  1. Custom Artwork- A great way to make a subtle yet effective change to your office space is to add custom artwork throughout your space. This allows you the opportunity to express your company’s values and goals while also promoting productivity and creativity within your office space.
  2. Flooring- You can create a unique look throughout your office space by using a different style of flooring for each area. Use a more durable material for high traffic areas while using a more delicate or lighter colored material for low traffic areas throughout your office space.
  3. Conversational Piece- Choose a bold piece of furniture as a conversational piece in a communal area of your office space. Having a different lamp in the conference room or a bold chair in a reception area will encourage collaboration and discussions.
  4. Lighting- Different types of lamps and light sources allow you to update the atmosphere of your office space.  Use different light bulbs along with different lamp styles to create the lighting you desire for your office space.
  5. Accent Colors- Instead of repainting your entire office space; choose a few walls to paint in accent colors. This will bring a new personality into the office while also promoting creativity, enthusiasm, and productivity.
  6. Interactive Conference Room- Is your conference room too formal? Is it hard for your staff to collaborate or discuss projects in your conference room? Consider a new table that allows staff to communicate effectively.
  7. Organization- File cabinets can give your office a dull and stuffy look. Find new and innovative ways to organize your office space. The organizational schemes should be creative, yet productive as well.

Office Space Updates with Edwards and Hill

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