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Design Tips for the Office Waiting Room and Reception

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019
Stylish office furniture at the reception give your visitors a great first impression

Is your waiting room up to date? Welcome guests in the office reception with these stylish design tips.

While your office workspace design and layout is important to the day to day successes, you can’t neglect one specific part of your office design: the reception area. The waiting room makes the first impression on your visitors and clients, so making it welcoming and professional looking is a great initial way to greet your guests.

Of course, the statement you make with your office furniture and design will be unique to your business. However, there are some general tips and ideas that make any waiting room office space comfortable and pleasant for your guests. By adding these elements to your reception, you could be that much closer to winning over business with the room. Important office design principles can carry over to the waiting room design too.


Dental Office Design: 3 Ideas to Put Patients at Ease

Thursday, August 1st, 2019
dental office design

Here are three dental office design ideas to help put your patients at ease.

Some folks hate to see their dentist. Whether it is because of fear, anxiety, or another reason for aversion, the reluctance of patients to see their dental professionals regularly can have severe health consequences. To make visits to the dentist more enjoyable, many practices are redesigning their offices to be more welcoming and modern. This can have a calming effect on patients, coloring their experiences with positivity and encouraging them to return. Here are three dental office design ideas to help put your patients at ease.


Ensure Your Patients’ Comfort with These Waiting Room Design Tips

Friday, April 27th, 2018
waiting room

These simple guidelines will help you design the most accommodating, patient-oriented waiting room for your practice.

The way your waiting room is designed says a lot about who you and your practice are. You want to give a good impression to your patients and make them feel as comfortable as possible while they are waiting for their appointment. It’s also important that you remember that there’s more than just your patients sitting in the waiting room — their friends and family members are usually there with them as well. Make sure that you’re accommodating people who will be sitting your waiting room even longer than some of your patients might be. These simple guidelines will help you design the most accommodating, patient-oriented waiting room for your practice. (more…)

3 Ways To Create A Stylish Waiting Room

Thursday, February 9th, 2017
waiting room

Create the most epic waiting room in your office!

Ever wonder what it’s like to sit in your office’s waiting room? Is it inviting or is a bit ho-hum? Sometimes all it takes is a few easy and simple changes to create a waiting area that is inviting and welcoming for clients to spend some time in. (more…)

Reception Area Design: How to Positively Reflect Your Business Brand

Friday, December 28th, 2012

If you want business success in 2013, you need to design a reception area that reflects your business brand and makes your customers feel right at home.

How do you accomplish this objective?

First, you need to clearly identify the message you want to convey about your business when your clients first enter your reception area.

Do you want a high end professional reception area, a casual reception area or a home atmosphere?

This decision will be based on your business type and the level of sophistication of your customer base.

One feature your reception area should include is articles of your business success stories – frame them and hang them on the walls.

You may even want to run an educational video in the waiting room that highlights the services your business offers.
Serve coffee, tea and small treats in the reception area. Self-serve stations are the best for customer convenience.
Don’t forget to have clean, vibrant walls and good lighting throughout your reception. Freshly painted walls can brighten up any reception room. Also office plants should be purchased for added warmth and appeal.

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